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Are you tired of seeing the same boring screensaver? Online News Screensaver delivers the latest news and weather forecast right to the screen of your computer.

You will protect your screen with the latest news so you will achieve 2 aims: protect your screen ans read important and hot news.

Online News Screensaver will connect to internet and will bring hot news to you continuously.

You can custom what news you want to see from a range of more than 280 channels.

Top News.

Regional: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Pacific.

Entertainment: Auto, Books, Celebrities, Games, Humor, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Radio, Television, Travel, Fashion.


Technology: Computers, Computer Graphics, Internet, Press & Magazines, Software, Wireless, Robotics.

Business: Analists, Companies, Finance, Investments, Marketing, E-Commerce.

Science: Genetics, History, Nature, Space.

Sport: Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Motor Sports, Winter Sports, Other Sports.

Industries: Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Biotech, Chemicals, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Health, High Tech, Hospitality, IT, Metals, Oil, Press & Media, Retail, Services, Tourism, Transport, Telecom, Trade.

Society: Culture, Education, Law, Librarians, Politics, Security, Religion, Immigration.

In addition, you can choose one of 40 thousand locations in the world to show the weather forecast for the next five days.

15-day trial version and nag message.

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